Three Boys

Operation COY (Concentrate On You) is a residential sports-based camp designed to coach, teach and challenge at-risk males from 13 to 17 years of age.
Our program inspires young men to set goals and reach milestones in their lives. Success is the order of each day during the camp. We understand each young man has his own capacity for learning, so we dedicate ourselves to go at a pace that is both understanding and empowering. The five-month camp will be a life altering, Super Bowl type of experience that each camper will remember, talk about, refer to and live for a lifetime.

To be nationally recognized as the premiere residential sports based camp for at-risk youth.

By being COY we will encourage at-risk youth to achieve their full potential through trust and integrity.
By being COY we will empower at-risk youth to develop leadership and personal accountability.
By being COY we will teach at-risk youth to embrace responsibility and purpose.

The Concentrate On You experience helps develop life skills through education, competition and camaraderie. By executing this winning block, COY graduates will spring clear with the opportunity to cross the goal line and become productive citizens.