Three Boys

Operation COY *(Coaching Our Youth) is a residential camp that uses sports as a platform to equip at-risk adolescent males with the tools to lead productive lives.  Our staff serves as Coaches to teach young men how to navigate life experiences specific to their environments.  We inspire them to set goals and reach milestones in their lives.  The pillars of our program are Life Skills, Education and Physical Fitness.

(*The meaning of the COY acronym has been changed to “Coaching Our Youth”, however, “Concentrate On You” will still serve as our motto when working with our campers.)

Be nationally recognized as the premiere residential sports based camp for at-risk youth.

• Life Skills such as decision-making, leadership, conflict resolution and self-confidence provide a foundation for personal success.
• Education is essential for mental, social and physical development.
• Physical fitness along with good nutrition support living a healthy, productive life.

The Operation COY experience creates a transformation that is life altering and memorable. We throw the “winning block” so that our campers will spring clear with the opportunity to “cross the goal line” and become productive citizens.